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Future of Blank Offers | Stay Ahead in 2024 | Yurii Stevchak, CPARK account manager


Hello everyone,
As we leave 2023 behind, affiliate marketing retains its allure for enthusiasts. In 2024, expect trends to elevate professionalism and introduce fresh challenges.

- Growing Interest in Sweepstakes: A surge in interest for sweepstakes has gripped the affiliate space. The "sweepstakes fever" from late 2023, especially for blank offers, is reshaping how marketers approach campaigns. Notably, there's a shift towards Tier-2 geos, where offers maintain their freshness and appeal to users.
In my area of expertise in sweepstakes, I can't ignore the "sweepstakes fever" that emerged towards the end of 2023, especially for blank offers.

I've noticed a trend where many teams and solo publishers in the crypto/gambling niche are trying out these offers. Some examples include:

  • IT | CC | Checkout Blank - DailyDoseofPrizes (v5)
  • US | CC | Secure Checkout Shopping
  • ZA | CC | Blank Checkout - Order Summary | CTC $2.99

Contact CPARK managers to see more top sweepstakes.

Working with sweepstakes isn't easy. Encouraging users, understanding product economics, and dealing with other aspects pose challenges for webmasters and advertisers. However, I believe this is the next big thing in the industry.

- Changes in Traffic Acquisition Strategies: Transitioning to structured work, which involves data collection for upsells and offering relevant ads to users based on their previous reactions (clicked on a cosmetics ad - continue with this template). Also, sites preceding forms are creating interfaces that are as convenient and up-to-date as possible. Want to know more? Join us!

- Must-Have Pre-fill : In 2024, having a must-have pre-fill in the affiliate marketing realm will be crucial. Both marketers and managers should focus on refining specific skills, embracing technological advancements, and understanding consumer behavior to remain competitive.

The tough competition in the market necessitates quick learning and the development of both skills

  • Creativity
  • Communication skills
  • Emotional intelligence

    -  Basic product management skills
  • Facebook advertising
  • Emailing

With a greater emphasis on the former. It's crucial to expand beyond your usual skills and understand not just your niche but the entire market.

I'm convinced that in 2024, everyone should improve their skills in consumer analysis and creating consumer profiles.

I hope to see a trend where local arbitrage communities are created in small towns and regional centers. These communities can be spaces for us to meet, discuss case studies, share trends, and exchange ideas.

Wishing you all professional growth, exciting connections, the right environment, and significant profits in 2024!

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