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5 Top Skills to Look for in an Affiliate Manager


Hey, you guys! My name is Yunna and today I’ll share some tips with you about the qualities of a good AM.1)First of all, it’s communication. Only those who are friendly, know how to negotiate, and are ready to make concessions can easily create an im...

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Top 6 Questions About Dating Offers 2023


Something is in fashion, something is out of fashion, and there is something that will last forever. This eternal is the Dating vertical and offers that will always be relevant – in quarantine, on vacation, at any time of the year and regardless of t...

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Running Sweepstakes with Gotzha


The main feature of affiliate marketing and marketing, in general, is constant learning, knowledge upgrading, and skill development. And we are ready to help you with this! What is a Sweepstake vertical? Can it become a super opportunity fo...

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10 Reasons to Start Running Mobile Content Offers


Flow division, the ability to work with various advertising sources and verticals, analytics, evaluation of the effectiveness of purchased traffic… Wow, take it easy! This is the vast world of mobile subscription vertical.But don’t worry! CPARK&A...

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An Interview with the Advertiser of ScoreSexToday


For the record of Affiliates who run Dating offersFind out how to launch an effective dating campaign in a time of active markets growing when more GEOs are opening up to work with.One of the Top CPARK Advertisers, shared insights about ScoreSexToday...

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Maximum Efficiency with Keitaro: Tips for Becoming a Pro


What? How? When? Keitaro knows the answer 🤓A tracker is an essential thing for affiliates, without it, there is no way for boosting your results. The idea behind Keitaro is to keep track of all your data, especially when dealing with a variety of tra...

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Сase Study on Running Dating Offers


The dating vertical is a widely popular one because of its simple conversion flows. It is also considered a newbie-friendly and an evergreen vertical meaning that it’s easy to drive conversions any time of the year. Diving a bit deeper into this subj...

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Winter 2022: Hot Verticals and Geos


What could be better than the first snowfall of the winter season? It has the kind of crisp air that whispers secrets of boosting your income this winter.Today, we are going to discuss the most profitable GEOs and verticals for these snow days. Which...

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The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Onboarding: Strategies for a Smooth Experience


A positive onboarding experience confirms to your partners that they made the right choice. It also, ultimately, helps you retain them.Affiliate onboarding is the first step in building a positive affiliate relationship. This is not only about the su...

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How to Increase Organic Traffic in 2021: Tips for Success


To get profits from monetization, you must be sure that your site is getting enough organic traffic. Today, we’re going to show you how it is doing. Publishers get paid for all the ad clicks on their site. The more visitors their site gets, the...

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Running Sweepstakes in 2021


Sweepstakes vertical is one of the most interesting verticals in affiliate marketing. It can help you to start your affiliate journey and gain experience. However, let us first be clear up with what sweepstakes are and how they coped with all the cha...

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How much can you earn in affiliate marketing in 2021?


The affiliate marketing industry is growing steadily. However, the key question is, how much can you really earn in affiliate marketing now? Is it still profitable?Examples of famous super-affiliates can quite inspire, but what is the reality for mos...

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Aspects You Should Bear in Mind for CPA


You're passionate about social media? Use that to connect to the right people on the right platform. Whatever you do, just remember: Focus. Testing. Data. Those are the three magic words of affiliate marketing. First of all, you should make a di...

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How Affiliate Marketing can Help Your Business?


Business owners have constantly to look for new strategies to increase sales and revenues. Retaining existing customers is vital, but so is attracting new ones. Affiliate marketing can help you to diversify your revenue streams by finding new ways: c...

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Affiliate Marketing Success Story


It is high time for examples of successful players which have made their mark in affiliate marketing! These guys were able to earn money with affiliate programs and so can YOU. The first one is a guy that started as a media buyer and continues r...

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