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Affiliate Marketing Success Story


It is high time for examples of successful players which have made their mark in affiliate marketing! These guys were able to earn money with affiliate programs and so can YOU. 

The first one is a guy that started as a media buyer and continues rocking hard doing it. 

Affiliate Marketing Success Story Number 1 

From Turkey to the World 

The first example we’d like to give you really knows how to make money online as an affiliate! When he was just beginning, he was starting to venture into affiliate marketing and, as expected, was quite the newbie, but was super focused and full of enthusiasm. He didn’t know how to make money as an affiliate but would get there fast. One guy started to help him earn money with affiliate marketing with a keen focus on the basics. The affiliate was choosing offers, optimizing campaigns and he was quickly evolving. Of course, he made some media buying mistakes. 🆘 At the beginning, everyone makes mistakes, but that’s part of the media buying process. He persisted and never gave up. He’s got awesome analytical skills.This guy was actually a math teacher, which means he could analyze data like a pro.⛔ Don’t get us wrong: 

You don’t need to have a formal mathematical background to do this. Even so, it’s obvious that a sharp analytical perspective and a fine attention to detail are key. 💯Another advice, coming directly from the guy himself: Think bigger❗

At the beginning he was quite anxious and worried every time he lost 50 cents. One evening, the campaign was losing close to 50 bucks.He was confident and patient and didn’t touch it. Afterwards, with a few more adjustments, he saw that campaign improving and becoming very profitable. That was a game changer!He was able to start making money in affiliate marketing.Careful, though.This is not to say that you should just watch your campaigns sinking like the Titanic 🛳️ without doing anything about it.But if you trust your media buying strategy and know what you’re doing, patience becomes your best quality! Coming back to thinking bigger:The main point is finding your first really profitable campaign! From there, you shouldn’t be scared of trusting yourself and going for other awesome media buying campaigns. You can even become ready to launch in more complex Tier 1 countries! What did this guy do with the money from the first really positive campaign he had? He reinvested all his earnings to launch more campaigns! That’s how it’s done! The first step for him was simple: Finding potential gold mines within the traffic sources. These goldmines can be as broad as a segment or as narrow as a placement. Then, what? He capitalized on them! Keep rotating offers and optimizing to be able to face your competition with a certain advantage to stay ahead of the curve. That’s how to earn money from affiliate marketing. 

Other important details that show the power of wicked analytical skills: The guy was always testing batches of creatives and banner ads, for example! The guy was always observing the performances of his banners on a daily basis, and watching out for slight campaign variations. He was mindful of such indicators as CTRs, CRs, constantly keeping a record of each metric and always adapting so he could boost performances and hit that special sweet spot. Along with creatives, he also used the same principles to optimize other parameters. He was especially focused on placements and zones, and even crossed performances between creatives and specific zones, for instance. 

Our affiliate expert advice? Be like this successful affiliate marketer and always keep track of everything. 

This is another important tip: 

Keep a tight and organized record of your changes and tests, or else you’ll get lost and they’ll have been all for nothing!

He started with only one traffic source and then moved on to others. Today, he’s working in at least 3 or 4 and making an average of 30.000€ per month in revenues. 

If you consider that he’s getting amazing margins between 30-40%, you can easily see that he’s playing the game like a rich master and still making money as an affiliate.

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