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How to Increase Organic Traffic in 2021: Tips for Success


To get profits from monetization, you must be sure that your site is getting enough organic traffic. Today, we’re going to show you how it is doing.

Publishers get paid for all the ad clicks on their site. The more visitors their site gets, the more they click the ads, the more money publishers make.

So, where should those clicks come from? You got two variants.
First, you can get more organic traffic. That is, attract real visitors from search or other sites and provide them with information, entertainment, and a great user experience. That is done through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Or, and this is the second option, you can cheat. Hire a bot farm, imitate clicks, affect the analytics, and eventually get banned. The choice is up to you. 😉

Everything you do to take your site to the first page of search results is considered search optimization, or SEO. And this is what drives organic traffic to your site.


Tip 1. Analyze Your Website
To decide on the direction in which you should move, you need to understand where you are right now and how things are working for your site. Choose an SEO audit tool and run a basic report. You can use the following free tools: Google Analytics or Google Search Console. They allow you to monitor your website traffic, user behavior, conversions, and search positions.

How not get stuck at this stage?  

Pick one tool, run the audit, and fix the most critical errors that the report serves you. That should be a good starting point.


Tip 2. Meet basic Google requirements
First of all, you should check for Google penalties. If you violate the rules, your site may be removed from the research.
Then, make your site mobile-friendly. The amount of mobile traffic is growing day by day. That’s why it’s one of the most crucial requirements for a website. Last but not least, don’t forget to monitor search engine rankings.


Tip 3. Optimize Your Pages for Humans 
One of the biggest mistakes publishers makes when they try to boost organic traffic, they optimize their sites trying to appease search engines. The reality, however, is that search engines turn to users to help determine how a page ranks.
Search engines like Google take dwell time into account. If someone dwells on your site for a long time or visits dozens of pages, it means your site is useful and relevant.
But if your site isn’t optimized for your audience, you risk them bouncing from your site, which leads to lower rankings in search results and less organic traffic.


Tip 4. Create a blog
Blogging is exceptionally beneficial to your business because it helps you reach your target audience and drive organic traffic for your business, as well as boost your site’s trust and authority.
Blogging requires publishing content regularly, but regular publishing also enables you to drive organic traffic to your website continually.


Tip 5. Integrate relevant keywords on your page
Keywords play an integral role in helping your pages appear in front of relevant leads.
You must choose the right keywords to target so that your most qualified and interested audience can find your content.


Tip 6. Share your web pages on social media
Don’t miss out on other valuable methods that will help you drive more traffic. Social media marketing provides another great opportunity to drive users to your site by linking to blog posts or article pages.


Tip 7. Earn backlinks
Backlinks are links to your site from other outside sites. These links help boost your website’s trust and authority in your industry. 

This is not all there is to say about SEO. There are many other things to take care of further down the road, but the steps that are listed here are a good place to start.

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