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Сase Study on Running Dating Offers


The dating vertical is a widely popular one because of its simple conversion flows. It is also considered a newbie-friendly and an evergreen vertical meaning that it’s easy to drive conversions any time of the year. Diving a bit deeper into this subject, we aim to give you a clear strategy for winning the maximum leads.

Dating remains enduring for many GEOs. The most profit is being made in Tier1 GEOs as usual especially US, but this vertical continues to spread to many lower-tier GEOs – e.g. Brasil, India, Eastern Europe, and Africa. 

Key benefits of dating offers:

  • Stable
  • Newbie-friendly
  • Converts year-round

CPARK publisher kindly shared how to work with dating ads, how his campaigns were set up, and the main principles that lead him to a high ROI. Here is what he’s told us.

Tell us about the creatives you were using 
It’s better to use unhackneyed creatives, show your imagination and write something like, “Feeling lonely?”, “Chat where real love happens”, “The app with a heart.” 

What marketing materials did you use?
For creatives, use photos without naked parts of the body so that they don’t get blocked and try to make the girl on the creative look like the one on the pre-landing or landing page. Moreover, the theme also should not differ much.

What marketing materials did you use?

I got the biggest ROI with a landing page on which there was a WhatsApp or Telegram chat where a girl invites a guy to chat and sends a photo.

However, not all offer support Telegram traffic.

Tell us about your campaign optimization

A general strategy that worked out for me was to optimize first the creatives after a certain amount of conversions and then start optimizing ad zones after I had reached 2 or 3 times the value of the offer’s payout.

 Prepare all the creatives in advance. Don’t forget to focus on targeting and turn them off or change them in time. This will help you in case of slumps in received traffic.

In conclusion, we recommend thinking thoroughly about your strategy when running dating offers and communicating with your manager. You can always get some tips and tricks or just relevant info regarding GEOs and offers from the manager of CPARK.

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