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5 Tips For The Affiliate Manager


Exhausted affiliate manager is a terrible scene 😱

And how not to become one, tells Yunna Shariy, CPARK Affiliate Manager, in our new article.

The AM is not just about recruiting new affiliates and managing the onboarding process. It is also about analytics, strategy, finance, and psychology. How to adjust the immeasurable and not to be out of resources?  Read below!

The AM is a liaison between the advertiser and the publisher. And for the latter, he/she is a friend who is ready to suggest the right offer, according to the partner's requests. How he/she does it is the secret of each specialist. The main thing is to find an approach to each partner and success is guaranteed.

Here is what Yunna suggests to colleagues:

Love what you do 
First and foremost, love what you do. Because doing so changes your entire outlook on work. 

Upgrade your knowledge 
Be aware of new products in the field of affiliate marketing. In this sphere, it becomes a real necessity.

Expand your partner base 
Monitor new webmasters and networks on the market. You should constantly be looking for new partners. You can’t rely on partners that you have in your program and should always be in recruiting mode.

Become a partner friend 
Find an approach to each partner. Sometimes it's not easy, but it's worth it!

 Be ready to help your partner 24/7 

Timely response to partner requests. As CPARK works all over the world

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