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5 Tips For Newbie Affiliates. Why Dating is A Good Idea For Beginners?


This is not cool when you try to get through the article, which doesn't reveal the real tips, isn’t it?
Yeah, we don't like it too😝
That’s why today, Inna Ustiuzhyna, Affiliate Manager at CPARK, talks about the importance of knowing the criteria of newbie-friendly offers and niches.
If you want to make money on affiliate marketing and you are looking for a suitable vertical then it is important to choose offers that meet the following 5 criteria:

1. A simple and understandable product for users, the need for which users do not need to be explained.
2. For the selected offer, there are many options for promotion and free traffic should be possible.
3. You can relatively quickly get informative statistics and leads.
4. Demand for the product in the world. Variety of offers for different GEOs.
5. There is the stability of this vertical and minimal risks that the product will lose its relevance. 

What meets these needs? Dating. We recommend paying attention to this vertical.

Why is dating a good idea for beginners?

First of all, one needs to understand that dating is quite an extensive niche and offers can be from completely different categories. The main division is mainstream and adult. Mainstream - these are offers aimed at finding love and a partner for life, this includes dating services. Adult is a topic of erotica and it implies such offers: adult content, webcams, sex dating, 18+ browser games, and also corresponding dietary supplements.

Still, wonder why dating? Due to the demand for love and erotic topics, a beginner affiliate can get conversions relatively quickly. In addition, it is not difficult to guess that such offers are quite understandable to the user, and this simplifies the promotion. There is a universal way that you can use to promote on Telegram, Tik Tok, or any other social network. You can also promote on the display and email traffic. This vertical is suitable for promotion in almost any way.

Sounds enticing and intriguing?
Get CPARK dating offers with wide GEOs and test it yourself!

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