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5 Win Tips for Running Sweepstakes


   Sweepstake offers present a great balance between safety and high conversions. This is a stable and popular vertical. However, would you like to know how to run sweepstake campaigns to become a pro?

   In this article Team Lead Affiliate manager at CPARK, Marina Raieva is going to share her win-win tips when choosing sweepstakes as the main vertical for a newbie publisher:

   Tip 1 
   When choosing an offer, it is important to take into account an attractive landing page, where the user can see what he has been dreaming of since the presentation of this gadget. Only new, most popular gadgets that attract the user, make them play, try their luck, spending only a few dollars!

   Tip 2
   Think about running CC submit sweeps. By promoting them, one has the opportunity to reach good numbers in the statistics in a fairly short time.

   Tip 3
   Be in trend. It is important to follow the latest updates in the field of gadgets so that your ads are the most relevant, the first, and not commonly used!

   Tip 4
   Remember about holidays and international sales days - people love to give and receive gifts!

   Tip 5

   Bright and attractive preland, where user can feel himself to be on a roll (for example, roulette, where the user sees with his own eyes how he catches a break, or, giving the user to choose the color and model of a brand new gadget, what makes him believe that he will really get this). The visual appeal of the sweepstakes accounts for 70% of its success.

What are the main flows of Sweepstakes in 2022?

SOI (Single Opt-in) 
   The user must enter an e-mail. Data confirmation is not required. In terms of funnel complexity, this is the simplest type of sweepstake, but the cost per lead is also minimal. 

CC (Credit Card) Submit
   The user must provide his/her credit card details, and sign up for a free or test trial of services. When the trial period ends, the subscription fee will be automatically debited from the card or the next copies of the goods will be sent for the full cost.

 Popular type of traffic - native, display, social, push and pop.
   All sweeps have one thing in common: they offer a chance to win something universally attractive.

   And last but not least tips from Marina:

  • Still feel inexperienced? Choose offers with a simple flow
    Use language targeting for multilingual countries (e.g. Canada: French and English)
  • Test device and OS targeting: Mac OS and iOS have high CTR, while Android has a lot of traffic
  • Don’t get enough traffic and can’t change the bid? Increase the frequency

   Working with sweepstakes can be summarized in one thing - the publisher should listen to the advice of his/her affiliate manager in order to always be on the trend of new products, and aware of the offers that are converting best at the moment. An affiliate manager can clearly tell you what type of traffic will convert the best with this or that offer in order to avoid unpleasant surprises from low EPC to chargebacks in the end.

So, start getting more money with CPARK Sweepstakes now!

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