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An Interview with the Advertiser of ScoreSexToday


For the record of Affiliates who run Dating offers

Find out how to launch an effective dating campaign in a time of active markets growing when more GEOs are opening up to work with.

One of the Top CPARK Advertisers, shared insights about ScoreSexToday offer, what type of traffic works best now, and answered the eternal question of all affiliate marketers, “Mainstream or Adult?

So off we go.


What’s New with ScoreSexToday?

More Geos than ever! ScoreSexToday is live today in more than 23 Geos. Basically, if you have traffic in Europe or the English-speaking markets you can work with the offer. Plus more Geos are coming soon!

We are also able to optimize your traffic more than ever before after you run a test with us and all parties are able to see quality then we can adjust the payout to suit you and your leads! Enabling you to scale like never before!  


Looks like you are active in more geo’s now, what are the newest?

ScoreSexToday is now active in Nordics, and we are flying with it. If you have traffic in FI, NO, SE or DK then get the offer tested ASAP!


Where does ScoreSexToday work the best?

The offer has consistently done very well in most if not all the Geos we are active in but the shining stars are for sure US, NL, and IT. We aim to have 2 new Geos a month for ScoreSexToday, so keep up to date with your CPARK Affiliate Manager to make sure you are always in the loop!


What Type of Traffic works best?

We are open to testing all types of non-fraudulent traffic, If you send some traffic (50-100 leads) we will be able to determine what the traffic is worth and alter the payout to a rate you should be able to scale on. 

Some of the most popular traffic sources are Search, Display, and Email traffic. That being said ask your affiliate manager for the best lander/flow for your traffic and we should be able to ensure you receive the best CR possible. 

What changes do you see happening in the industry happening in the next coming months?

Affiliates are becoming smarter with how they push their traffic, long dead are the days of pushing all traffic sources to one link and hoping for the best. 

For instance, An Affiliate is able to jump on the email passing flow that ScoreSexToday has enabled. You are now able to pass the email address of the user (encrypted at your request) within the tracking link, to a one-click flow. Making the flow as easy as possible for the user. In A-B tests we have seen this improve in CR by over 4 times!

How had Covid affected the numbers coming through?

For sure we saw an effect in early 2020, as people were being forced into lockdown and there was a bit of a sense of the unknown. However, this quickly changed as people calmed down and got more bored at home we saw a serious increase not only in the volume of leads coming through but also in the lead retention and lead value.   

What landers are best for Mobile?

We actually design all landers with mobile in mind first and then make the necessary changes to make the lander suitable for desktop traffic next. We do this quite simply because it makes the most sense to make sure the most priority is given to the device that will more than likely send the most leads. 

That being said, we have different landers to suit each device, each traffic type, and each geo. Ask your affiliate manager for advice on the combination you are using and they should be able to point you in the right direction to which lander to use. 

Mainstream or Adult?

Chicken or the Egg? ScoreSexToday is a very adult Offer, but if you need something more suitable speak to your affiliate manager and we can get something set up. We accept both types of traffic and we will be able to provide you with something that works no matter what traffic you send. 

Don’t miss an excellent opportunity to gain more industry insights with CPARK! 

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