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5 Tips For The Digital Marketing Manager


Becoming a great marketer is a chance to write your name in history. Well, all you know David Ogilvy, the father of marketing, whose books have long been disassembled into quotes.
Well, who is a digital marketing manager? What does this specialist do and what skills should he/she have? 

In this article, Olha Yanko, Digital Marketing Manager at CPARK, shared her five tips for digital marketers, based on her experience and taken knocks.

Tip 1 Work on your communication skills
You can be a super cool specialist, but if you find it difficult to communicate your opinion simply and clearly, you will have problems.
Every day at work I face communication, I need to write letters and communicate with the team, and partners and if I find it difficult to communicate or I will not do it very well, I will have problems.

Tip 2 Sales skills
My second piece of advice is to get experience working as a sales manager. It may sound a little cruel because marketers and sales managers are like Montecchi and Capuleti - two different clans.
However, I have noticed that it is difficult for marketers to sell. This may be due to the fact that marketers are detached from the client by a long chain of procedures: we design sites, create complex marketing companies to gain new partners/clients, but we communicate little with the clients themselves. That's why it is really very useful for any marketer to work as a sales manager. It is not necessary to go to another company) You can do it even in your present company, just start to communicate more with the client/partner.

My first job was as a salesperson. I did not enjoy it and it helped me understand that I want to become a marketer. It helped me and freed me from the fear of starting communication first.
Therefore, this tip will definitely be useful, of course not for everyone, this is my subjective advice. But if you do so you will not regret it.

Tip 3 Invest in a relationship
It is very important to invest in relationships with people who are now close to you: your colleagues, partners, directors, etc.
Why? Because in 3, 5, or 10 years some of them may become your business partners, clients, freelancers, etc. They will go with you throughout your life. Of course not all, but some for sure.

Tip 4 Extensive expertise
Try as much as possible in marketing
You may want to become a narrow focus specialized at the beginning of your career. But the beginning of your career is the best time to try more. You will need this when being a senior marketer specialist you'll hire other workers and can better control their performance. You will understand why they make mistakes and why you may set them the wrong tasks.

Tip 5 Be proactive
There are of course lots of things that go by default: you have to work harder than others when you're a junior specialist, you have to constantly learn because marketing is always changing, and forget about procrastination because it is an unattainable luxury for a junior specialist.

And a little final advice from Olia,
"Become super specialists but don't lose yourself as a person. Be cool people"

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