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Running Sweepstakes with Gotzha


The main feature of affiliate marketing and marketing, in general, is constant learning, knowledge upgrading, and skill development. And we are ready to help you with this! 

What is a Sweepstake vertical? Can it become a super opportunity for those who want to succeed in affiliate marketing? Harry Ball-Lindsay, Affiliate Manager at Gotzha, knows how to start working with this vertical and say no to frauds. He will tell us about the pillars of running sweepstakes, how to use various strategies and how much a junior affiliate can earn from the start.

Go ahead!

What GEO and vertical is better to start with if/when you are a beginner? 

 “I recommend starting with CPL offers in sweepstakes or dating.” – says Harry. Getting conversions is easier comparing other flows, there are many GEOs and advertisers available to split test, and traffic sources don’t tend to be too restrictive. So, if you’re a newbie, these verticals provide the flexibility to learn and earn along the way. As for GEOs, English-speaking ones are always a great start because of the language benefit. However, outside of that, TIER 2 GEOs, especially, in Europe are always a good choice. 

What are your top GEOs for now?
Depends on the vertical, first of all. The US performs well in almost every vertical, particularly for antivirus. For CC submits it’s a mixed picture, but we’re doing big volumes in European GEOs, ranging from more southern countries such as ES and IT to more northern ones in DE & FR. For SOI sweeps, DE is getting some serious volumes as of late. 

Your hacks for successful campaigns (bidding and targeting)

 “Testing, testing, and testing.” No, this is not some mysterious spell and not magic at all. You need to save costs especially when you’re starting, but if you cut placements too early, you will pause your affiliate career preemptively. Especially with dating, it’s crucial that you do proper testing because there are many sources that you can test and not many sources will work. It doesn’t mean that the offer doesn’t perform or just not working out. Have patience, keep testing, and don’t resort to speedy conclusions without data. Many offers can be hit and miss, but once you find the one that works, it can work for a long while on auto-play.

Which LPs are the most popular?

For AV, DTC (direct to cart) pages perform well. For sweeps, we see many appliance offers to do very well on Facebook. Specific kitchen appliances or anything unique works very well for us. 

What strategies are needed to promote sweepstakes?

Depending on the type of sweeps, we’ve seen, that renewed data for SMS - is crucial to make sweepstakes work in TIER 1 GEOs. The competition is incredibly high, so affiliates need to make sure they don’t take on data that is old/reused. On SOI sweeps, using good push sources that haven’t been over-exhausted or played out is the key that requires work and money to find.

What kind of traffic is working best now for your campaigns?
Well again, this depends on the offer, but we’re seeing push and SMS working pretty well across most verticals. 

How about social traffic? (FB, TikTok)
FB converts very well, especially on CC submits, although it tends to be more expensive compared to other traffic sources. But if you have the budget for it, by all means, go for it. Regarding TikTok, we’re seeing an increasing trend of affiliates wanting to run on it, but like FB the traffic isn’t cheap. Other platforms including IG and Snapchat are still largely interested for us, but like TikTok, we’re more than open to trying out these new types of traffic. 

What kind of tendencies do you observe for sweepstakes?

It’s all about riding the wave with sweepstakes. We ran a lot in the past and then the traffic dipped due to FB restricting its rules. In the past year or two, we’ve seen a surge of many SMS affiliates rising again. Coupled with a lot of new players in the US market with really good EPC we’re riding that high wave again. It’s a vertical that fluctuates but never seems to fully fade away. Europe used to be great for us but sadly that had to make way again for the US.

 Pros and cons of running sweeps

What is the type of sweeps you’re promoting? For SOIs, as mentioned, it converts well, but it’s harder to maintain quality because of the easy flow, whereas for CC submits it’s harder to convert, but if you find your funnel and it is working, it can turn out to be hugely profitable. 

There are obviously a lot of frauds in this vertical (most popular fake cards). How do you deal with it?
Fraud is part of the game, but we do try to mitigate it as much as possible by double-checking our sources with networks, not testing new offers with networks, maintaining the caps at a detectable level, and having regular quality control checks with the advertisers. 

Top sweeps promotion trends in 2022
For CC submits, electronics such as the Kitchenaid mixers, Xiaomi 2 Pro, iPad Pro, and PS5 have had some great traction this year. For SOI sweeps, vouchers have done particularly well as of late, ranging from more fashion-related offers such as ZARA and Shein to supermarket-oriented offers including Aldi and Edeka. Winning free trips abroad has also seen a spike in popularity, mainly due to the beginning of the summer season and the easing of COVID restrictions.

CPARK&Gotzha teams really hope that this article helped you build a unique creative strategy that will bring you great profit. We are waiting for your experience and thirst for experiments. Join us!

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