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Top 6 Questions About Dating Offers 2023


Something is in fashion, something is out of fashion, and there is something that will last forever. This eternal is the Dating vertical and offers that will always be relevant – in quarantine, on vacation, at any time of the year and regardless of the situation in the country and the world.

CPARK and ApproachX prepared TOP 6 questions 2023 about dating offers! Here we go!


1.What are CPA offers? Answering Yunna Shariy - CPARK Affiliate Manager

A commonly asked question when just getting started in the dating niche revolves around what CPA offers mean. In short: CPA stands for “Cost Per Action”, and – as the name might suggest – it pays an affiliate marketer for each completed action their referral performs. This action could be as simple as signing up or staying on a particular page for a specified time. It can even include upgrading to higher plans. 

Some of the highest paying networks in the dating affiliate niche use the CPA commission structure. It tends to work out best for both sides: the dating affiliate networks can guarantee visitors sign up and buy their products, while affiliates get rewarded with some of the best rates in return.

CPARK is a Digital Performance Marketplace of pay per action programs. We successfully bring together interests of advertisers and publishers by giving them excellent support and strong market expertise to maximize mutual profitability of every deal.
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2. What traffic source to choose for dating offers in 2023? Answering Marina Marushkevich - ApproachX  Senior Affiliate Manager

Cavemen and medieval men used to fight and duel over the approval of a woman. Nowadays a quirky bio and just a right swipe are enough to start the love story of your life. Despite all the romantic vibes, online dating industry is extremely popular and profitable. 

Revenue in the Online Dating segment is projected to reach US$2.86bn in 2022. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 3.59%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$3.41bn by 2027. The average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to amount to US$7.81 No wonder it is so popular among affiliates and advertisers. 

 What traffic source to choose to become profitable in the dating industry? This is a very tricky question and depends on the exact offers. For casual dating offer the best ad formats: member area, banners, push back button, and second offer traffic.  For mainstream dating, reviews worked best.

3. How to increase CTR for dating offers? Answering Yunna Shariy - CPARK Affiliate Manager

Anyone who’s ever even dipped a toe in the performance marketing ocean has heard of CTR. CTR, which stands for “Click-Through Rate”, is a calculation of how many people clicked on an ad (clicks) divided by the number of times the ad was shown (impressions).

If your click-through rates are not meeting your expectations, consider these actions below:

  • Spy Tools.

 It’s a great practice to monitor the activity of your competitors. Use Spy Tools (for example, Spyover) to see the full funnel from creatives to landing pages and find out your weaknesses that can be improved.

  • Creating Engaging Content

Content is a strategy that very much needs to be kept at the center where promoting your dating offers is considered. Whilst true, the dating niche relies on visuals, after all who doesn’t want to see good looking people? But your dating affiliate marketing strategy will need to focus on more than just banners and images. 
Perhaps now you see just how important it is to determine your niche from the outset? To consistently promote your dating offers and achieve high conversions, your content will need to “call out” to the people your targeting. Not only will you need to think outside the box…you will need a basic SEO strategy. As well as targeting keywords and creating a presence on social media. 
When it comes to promoting dating offers and converting… landing pages are a must. Of course if you’re partnered with a dating affiliate program, CPARK will be only happy to help you. 

  • Headlines.

There should be clear messages like "I want to meet you" or "Hello, let's communicate" :) Nothing difficult, direct messages only.

Our managers with huge experience will help you to achieve the best result 
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4. What geos and products can you recommend most in 2023? Answering Marina Marushkevich - ApproachX  Senior Affiliate Manager

There’s no denying that the online dating industry has gone mainstream—particularly among the younger generations.  But good casual and adult dating never goes away and is still an evergreen vertical. 

Approach X - one of the biggest dating advertising networks, working with direct advertisers and direct publishers. Established in 2017  by some of the biggest dating affiliates in the industry, our network focuses on easy conversion methods, including the first-ever dating push subscription offer.  Our high CR 20-30% and easy offers flow lead to high profits for our affiliates. That`s why we`d like to share our knowledge on how to get the most out of dating traffic with our affiliates. If you still do not have an account on our platform you could apply for an account here.

The most profitable geos for our affiliate are now AU/CA/US.

5. Tell us how to increase sales? Why do many webmasters have no sales?   Answering Yunna Shariy - CPARK Affiliate Manager

There may be no sales for several reasons. For example, the creative may not match the product advertised, it promises the user something hot , though the offer’s aim is chatting.  

Sometimes an affiliate gets cheap and unsuitable traffic. By the way, when working with cheap traffic, it’s better to clear it with the advertiser: there is a probability that such traffic will be accepted for a lower payout.  

1)Always check the engagement rate for your campaigns since it can give you valuable hints on what your target audience likes the most out of your creatives. This can push up your CR; 

2)Set a high bid for CPM to reach the Top ad position and get the best traffic in an ad network; 

3)If the engagement rate of a creative material drops, it’s better to put it to temporary rest. In case you don’t have any alternate creative materials, pause your ad campaign. Get back to it in a week to make it even more productive.

6. Secrets of Successful Targeting of Dating Offers: GEO Selection.  Answering Marina Marushkevich - ApproachX  Senior Affiliate Manager

Inclusivity for exclusivity: dating became even more personalized. There are lots of variety dating for dog lovers, vegans, music lovers, lesbian, bi, and queer communities, etc.New dating terms are making the rounds among young users from millennials and Gen Z – Dry Dating,  Slow Dating.

An even more bright future awaits the dating industry: voice dating, more virtual ‘first dates’, more options for the LGBT community, increased safety features, and even principles of blockchain security for offers.

 Successful Targeting of Dating Offers will be the main factor in the battle for your profit. So better to check all really well so you`ll win it. Before running any dating offers check out the requirements at your affiliate network. 

What worked well for us:

1) Operational systems: target only Android Chrome Mobile versions 87, 90, 98,92,99. 

2) Act like a local! Use only local languages targeting each country. Remove Persian, Indonesian, and Arabian languages were it not relevant to the countries you`ll run.

3) Devices to forget about: VIVO, TECNO. ZTE, INFINIX. 

4) Primetime (20.00-05.00) will also help you to achieve better results. 

5) Best ad formats: member area, banners 300*100 and 300*250, pushes, back button, and second offer traffic. 

5) Absolutely No No! No fraud, No Pop-unders, No In-App. 

6) Skip tube traffic (usually it does not work well due to the high % of incognito mode).                                                                                                             

If you looking for warmed Member Area traffic you could purchase it at our 

DSP TopSrc 

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