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Running Sweepstakes in 2021


Sweepstakes vertical is one of the most interesting verticals in affiliate marketing. It can help you to start your affiliate journey and gain experience. However, let us first be clear up with what sweepstakes are and how they coped with all the changes that 2020 has brought?

What are sweepstakes? 

Sweepstakes is a kind of offer where users have to sign-up (or perform another target action) to win something. Some of the common prizes are mobile phones, smartwatches, travel vouchers, gift cards, etc. 

How was sweepstakes vertical doing through the past year?

If we are talking about the sweepstakes vertical in our CPARK company, then it was doing pretty good with more focus on CPL ( Geos EU and Tier 1).  CC was doing not bad, but CPL was working better for us and we had more requests for CPL. In general sweepstakes vertical was working well, but like any other vertical it is sensitive to fraud, so one needs to use just good quality traffic and engage real users. 

Are sweepstakes are still booming in 2021?

Yes, absolutely. It’s a pretty stable and interesting vertical, which has been working well last year and continue working in 2021. Especially offers when users can win some gadgets (like iPhones, smartwatches, etc). It’s a popular theme for users.  
All things can work out if you find the right traffic and will create good-working creatives. Once you have it, you can have good numbers.

Have you seen a decrease in CR over the years as users are losing trust in the “lotteries” on the internet?

CR depends on the kind of traffic and traffic quality. From our experience with sweepstakes, we observe different conversion rates (CR is higher for example for CPL sweepstakes comparing with CPA CC). And it’s normally because CPL flow is easier than CPA. However, even for the CPA model, there is a different CR. If we are talking, for example, about social traffic, there is a higher CR. 
People are still interested in winnings some goods, especially for free. And it motivates them to take part in lotteries.

What are the top-5 GEOs to go for?

For CPARK, it’s US and EU (FR, DE, IT) for both models CPL and CPA. 

Would you recommend the same GEOs for newbies or is it better to start with less competitive locations?

If you are newbies in this industry we would recommend you to try some less competitive locations, especially if you don't have big budgets. It's better to try some geos like TH, ID, MX, or BR. Once you see some good results and have more budget you can break into competition for USA and EU users.


And lastly, try to be creative. Find your own way to catch user's attention. Don't wait for the next trend in affiliate marketing, as nowadays successful are those affiliates that are setting the trend, not the ones waiting for it. 

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